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A false priest spent one night in a barracks with soldiers in Queen Elizabeth’s guard


British military officials announced Tuesday that an investigation had been launched after a man pretending to be a false priest was reported to have spent a night in a barracks with soldiers in charge of protecting Queen Elizabeth. The barracks is near Windsor Castle.

The Sun reported that the impostor was allowed access to the Coldstream Guards barracks without presenting any ID or other identification documents, and later ate, drank and talked to the soldiers.

Journalists learned that the man claimed to be a priest and told officers he was a friend of a member of the battalion’s chaplain.

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This false priest ate, drank, and told stories to Queen Elizabeth’s guards, but the UK Sovereign was not at Windsor Castle.

He was invited inside, ate, drank and started telling a lot of “stories,” a source said.

“Suspicions about his identity arose when he began talking about working as a pilot to test ejectable seats and replacing some of his organs,” the source told The Sun.

The queen was not in Windsor during the incident that took place last Wednesday, the British newspaper specified.

“The military is taking this security breach extremely seriously and will be investigated as a matter of priority. This incident is now part of an ongoing investigation and, therefore, it would be inappropriate to make further comments at this time “, said a spokesman of the Ministry of Defense, reports stiri-zilnic.com.

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The Coldstream Guards are an infantry regiment in the British Army whose role is to protect the royal palaces.

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