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A Kharkov violinist raises funds for musicians in Mariupol


Vira Lytovchenko, o violinistKharkov resident made a sensation on social media after playing her instrument in an anti-bomb shelter: she now supports a fundraiser, which will help financially more than 50 musicians and their families, most of them Mariupol and Kharkov.

“I never want to stage anything… This is our life and we never wanted it. We wanted a quiet, normal life and we had it “, according to Reuters.

Lytovchenko believes that if people around the world see the situation through her eyes, it will help the Ukrainian cause.

This violinist from Kharkov raises funds to help other musicians in Mariupol, or even her hometown, on the music of “The Brave Ones”

She said the fundraiser was launched by another Kharkov native living in the United States.

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She has attracted the attention of musicians around the world who have now joined her fundraising efforts composing “The Brave Ones”.

And a cellist brought joy to those in Kharkov

Standing in front of a ruined building, a cellist named Denys Karachevtsev brings a moment of silence to the war-torn streets of Kharkov with his music.

Karachevtsev began sharing videos with him singing songs from Bach’s “Cello Suite No. 5” on YouTube on Tuesday (March 22nd), uploading a second Friday (March 25th), according to Reuters.

The shows are part of a fundraising project for humanitarian aid and the restoration of Kharkiv’s architecture.

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