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A knife, a sphygmomanometer and other objects belonging to the people of Bucharest, in an exhibition as symbols of lost love


The concept of the exhibition comes from Miami, where in the last 6 years, “Love Lost” offers the inhabitants of the city the opportunity to share their own experiences in a common space of healing and liberation. The project in Bucharest, organized by the Arden Association and the Strata Gallery, was designed to encourage the creative contribution of the inhabitants, who participated in this process by inscribing an object, along with the story of love and loss lived.

Objects that may seem trivial, such as a painting, a dress, a ring, a sphygmomanometer, or a book, reveal the beginning of a love story that ends too abruptly, toxic friends, rediscovering oneself, or remembering a parent. Among the exhibits are a knife and a painting made of blood, which speak of liberation from an imaginary reality or of depressive episodes lived in a love story.

“The whole experience was received with great curiosity by the inhabitants of Bucharest, and by a fairly large number from other cities. We discover through the stories that we are not alone in our travels. Thus, through awareness, we can leave behind what no longer serves us: to thank for the lived experience and to move forward “, said Andra Beldean, co-founder of the Arden Association.

Along with the objects and stories of the inhabitants, the exhibition offers the vision of several emerging local artists on the same theme. The 14 artists who responded affirmatively to the initiative, exhibited works of art from various spectra, capturing through photographs, animations or installations the signs left by certain relationships in their lives.

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The event welcomes participants with a series of workshops designed to talk about the connection between love and loss, in order to create an individual and collective healing space. The first workshop was held by psychotherapist Yolanda Cretescu last weekend. Participants analyzed how they relate to suffering and loss, becoming aware of their patterns and unique imprint, formed in close connection with the relationship we have with parents, the role assigned in the family and the collective subconscious of everything our ancestors experienced.

The schedule of future workshops is as follows:

• Sunday, May 29, 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm – Return to Yourself workshop. The workshop will be conducted by Hitesh, a Yoga teacher from India who has been teaching in Romania for about 2 years. The workshop will begin with a free discussion of attachment and will continue with breathing and meditation techniques. Participants will learn simple ways to overcome loss, anxiety and stress.

• Friday, June 3, 18:00 – 21:00 – Storytelling workshop, conducted by Iulian Tănase, in which participants will learn how to shape their own stories in a way that is as authentic and natural as possible.

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• Friday, June 10, 20:30 – 23:30 – Beyond the Sunset workshop. Cosima Opârtan and Paula Dunker propose to the participants a performative workshop that relies on the beneficial power of sound accompanied by guided body practice.

Participants will take part in an interactive workshop in which centering exercises will be combined with elements of contemporary dance, in order to create a connection between mind and body.

Access to the workshops is limited and participation is limited. More details about enrolling in them can be found here: https://lovelost.co/event.

In addition, visitors can interact with the exhibits through an application specially developed by the Oveit team. By collecting stories and emotions, users can generate their own unique digital art, based on the experience of the exhibition space, and then it can be transformed into an NFT.

The exhibition can be visited free of charge until June 10, from Tuesday to Friday, between 16:00 and 20:00, and on Saturday, between 14:00 and 18:00, at Strata Gallery, on Parângului Street 76.

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