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A new era in the payments market: the first implant for secure payments globally


If you want to pay by hand, you can now. No, it’s not a sci-fi script, it’s a reality. The first globally accepted implant for secure payments is available.

The device works like this: it installs under the skin and allows you to replace your bulky wallet. The Smart Walletmor implant – with ISO certified biocompatibility – is now available to every citizen of the European Union at a price of 199 euros, according to Forbes.

Thus, the first commercially viable solution in the global race for cardless payments has become an implant placed under the skin. Its creators say the Walletmor payment implant is secure and cannot be tracked, hacked or copied. The user can make payments wherever the most popular credit or debit cards are accepted, as well as contactless systems. So Walletmor is the most convenient credit card alternative.

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The first implant you can pay for

As a reference, almost eight hundred implants have already been sold globally. Walletmor payment implants were launched in the spring of 2021 and have already gained a lot of interest.

According to Wojciech Paprota, the creator of Walletmor, a London-based start-up company, the implant has been checked several times and certified according to ISO 10993-5: 2009E and 10993-12: 2021E biocompatibility standards. The implantation process is a simple procedure and is valid for eight years.

So the device is small and secure. It is the size of a safety needle and 0.5 mm thick, which consists of an integrated circuit and a metal foil that acts as an antenna, being in an airtight biological housing. The biopolymer was created by researchers at VivoKey Technologies Inc. Laboratories. Seattle, the world’s largest maker of a fully digital identity ecosystem.

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It is also easy to use. The financial operations of the Walletmor payment implant are based on globally recognized contactless and wireless Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies, and are used, among other things, for every VISA or MasterCard payment. It should be noted that the implant is a passive device and does not have its own power supply (battery). Moreover, it does not generate radio waves on its own and is activated only in the presence of a contactless payment terminal and only at a very short distance.

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