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A new Russian journalist, Andrei Soldatov, is on the list of people being pursued by Putin’s regime


An investigative journalist, Andrei Soldatov, known for his intelligence reports, said he had been put on a wanted list and that Russian authorities had frozen his bank accounts, according to The Guardian.

Andrei Soldatov, who co-founded the Agentura.ru website, wrote on Twitter that his Russian bank accounts had been blocked “and” in addition, I was put on the list of people wanted in Russia “, according to g4media.ro.

Another investigative journalist, Andrei Soldatov, is on the list of people pursued by Putin, as are two other awkward journalists.

In a separate post on the Telegram, Soldatov said the case against him was filed in a manner similar to that of the two journalists accused of spreading “false information” about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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According to the website of the Russian Interior Ministry, Soldatov is wanted based on an unspecified article in the penal code, Reuters reports.

Russia also accuses the West of trying to suppress journalists

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the West of trying to kill Russian journalists and said the Federal Security Service (FSB) had thwarted such an attempt on a television reporter. He did not immediately provide evidence in support of his allegations. Reuters failed to immediately verify the allegations.

“This morning, the Federal Security Service stopped the activities of a terrorist group that was planning to attack and kill a famous Russian television journalist,” Putin told prosecutors.

“They went to terror – in preparation for the killing of our journalists,” Putin said.

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The Interfax news agency said members of a nationalist group had been detained by Russian authorities. Interfax said the group, which was acting on the orders of Ukrainian spies, was planning to kill Russian journalist Vladimir Solovyev.

Putin said that the West was trying to destroy Russia from within, but that such attempts would fail. He said the US Central Intelligence Agency was directing attempts to undermine Russia and advising the Ukrainian government.

Putin also said that foreign media organizations and social networks were used by the West to fabricate evidence against Russia’s armed forces. Such actions, he said, should be stopped.

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