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A ten-story building destroyed in the fire. More than a hundred people were evacuated


A ten-story building was almost completely destroyed in a fire on the evening of May 14, 2022.

The block is located in Sector 5 of Bucharest, in the area of ​​Baciului Street. 14 trucks with water and foam acted to neutralize the fire, and crews from the Ambulance and SMURD came for medical intervention. 123 people were evacuated. Of these, 11 were taken out of the fire brigade and the rest came out alone. Two people were taken to hospital because they had suffered smoke poisoning.

“To extinguish the fire, action was taken from the outside using the escalator. Also, search and rescue teams have been set up for possible people caught in the fire “, ISU Bucharest Ilfov reported.

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Ten-storey block, on fire, from the second floor to the roof

“Following the fire that occurred yesterday, at a 10-storey building located on Baciului Street, Sector 5, police officers from the General Police Directorate of Bucharest – Criminal Investigation Service of the Sector 5 Police, under the supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the District 5 Court, conducts investigations in order to establish the causes and conditions in which the event took place “, announced, on Sunday, the Capital Police.

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