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About the opportunities of accelerated digitization and the benefits of innovation, at Microsoft Envision Romania


Digital transformation has become one of the most effective tools for accelerating economic and social development. On May 17, the Microsoft Envision Romania event (now in its ninth edition) will bring together the vision of the Romanian business environment and the public sector on digitalization and the opportunities it can bring.

Joacim Damgard, the new president of Microsoft for Central and Eastern Europe, will speak at the opening of the event about how the accelerated digital transformation is perceived in the region, as well as about the competitive advantages that can transform Romania into a regional digital center. In addition to his speech, Bogdan Putinică, General Manager of Microsoft Romania, will bring a perspective on the local digital landscape and on the role that the company has in accelerating digitalization in order to build a better future for everyone.

Collaboration and partnership to support a growth-based economy

For Microsoft Romania, synergy with other players in the business environment is essential to sustain a competitive economic environment that encourages growth and development. Thus, the company has, over time, established strong partnerships with many other local organizations – from the public or private sector, from various industries or academic communities – that have integrated technological innovations into their organizational processes.

This year, the representatives of Agricover, BCR, Bitdefender, FintechOS, Profi Food Romania and Regina Maria will explain the role that digitalization processes have played in accelerating their business, will show the ways in which they chose to use technology to meet the expectations and requirements of their customers and talk about the goals they have for the next period.

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Also during the 2022 edition, participants will be able to learn from Daniel David, rector of Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, how digitalization can be seen through the eyes of academia. Microsoft is one of the companies that places a strong emphasis on education, considering it a vector of progress. Whether through its own programs or through the involvement of various initiatives of its business partners or through collaboration with educational institutions in the country, the company aims to facilitate access to educational resources and encourage the modernization of teaching processes and tools, as a differentiating factor in the training of tomorrow’s specialists.

In an increasingly dynamic economic climate, the competitiveness of a business is becoming essential, and the benefits of implementing digital solutions are increasingly visible.

Beyond the success stories of companies such as those listed above, entrepreneurs are perhaps the most eloquent example of the opportunities that technology can bring and the massive impact that innovation can generate. Moreover, Romania has one of the most dynamic and effervescent startup communities in the Central and Eastern European region.

Romanian startups are extremely agile and innovative, and many of them are successful even in international markets. However, in the early stages, they need access to resources and mentoring in order to remain competitive and connect with new business partners. In turn, companies with expertise can support entrepreneurs by providing them with the resources they need to ensure their sustainable development.

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This is the context in which Microsoft collaborates with various business accelerators and contributes to the development of initiatives dedicated to startups. Thus, on May 17, the representatives of InnovX, CODA Intelligence and Plant an App will join the event and will discuss with Daniel Rusen, Director of Marketing and Operations of Microsoft Romania about the evolution of startups and the contribution they can make. in economics.

And this year, Orange Business Services (designated “partner of the year” of Microsoft Romania, in 2021) is the main partner of the event. On this occasion, Florin Popa, B2B Director of Orange Romania, will map the technology trends for this year.

The event will bring to the fore topics aimed at Romania’s potential to become a regional digital center, generator of innovation, the importance of digital transformation processes in the context of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) or news in the field of cybersecurity. All these topics will be addressed in speeches by the Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitization, the Director General of the National Cyberint Center and the MEP Victor Negrescu who will also participate as speakers at Microsoft Envision Romania.

The ninth edition will take place in online format, in Romanian, will have available English and Romanian subtitles, and participation is free. The full agenda and details on registering for the Microsoft Envision Romania event can be accessed here.

Article made with the support of Microsoft Romania.

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