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All Romanians who use ATMs need to know. What happens if you forget your money at the ATM, everything is a stopwatch


The situations in which bank customers turn to the institution’s staff for financial procedures, payments, money transfers, cash withdrawals, etc., have almost completely disappeared. Thanks to the extensive digitization systems implemented by banks, almost any procedure can be performed at an ATM or the so-called “robot”.

As ATMs are increasingly used by all of us, the risk of certain unpleasant incidents increases, which is good to document beforehand, so that we know how to act correctly, quickly and efficiently. the unfortunate case in which it will happen to us.

Such an unfortunate event can be represented by the fact that you fail to take your money from the ATM, at the end of the cash withdrawal procedure.

It can happen that you are in a hurry, distract yourself or simply ring your phone and completely forget about money, training in the conversation. You get home or to the store and find that your money is left in the ATM. What are you doing from here on out?

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Well, the first step is not to panic. We are extremely unlikely to have had someone come after you and find the money in the slot, because absolutely all ATMs have implemented a security system that works counterclockwise. Basically, you have a few tens of seconds to pick up your money and card (about 25-30 seconds). If you don’t take them, the ATM will keep them and they will end up in safe boxes inside the machine, from where they can be accessed only by the bank’s employees.

What do you do, specifically, to recover the money left in the ATM

If you still catch the bank employees inside the institution, go to them and explain the situation to them, and they will help you get your money back. You will definitely need a ID card or at least knowledge of your bank details to verify your identity.

If no employee is around, call the bank that issued your card, but also the ATM bank, if these two do not match.

If “the card issuing bank is the same as the one holding the ATM, then you can appeal this transaction, also called a refusal to pay notice. Such an appeal contains the cardholder’s details, information about the problematic transaction and the reason for the refusal / challenge of the transaction. Attached to this is the complaint filed with the police, this only in certain cases, when it comes to a significant amount for example “, according to b365.ro.

Last but not least, don’t forget that the issuing bank’s telephone support service is also available to you.

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Fortunately, in order to help customers who may be in such situations, the largest banks in the country provide links with useful information for such cases. For example, ING customers can get more details here, BCR customers can access this link, UniCredit Bank customers can click here, and Libra Bank customers can get extra details here.

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