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Almost half of the households in Romania have a cat or a dog. Mars makes their lives more beautiful [P]


Many Romanians already have a four-legged friend in their care, but the number of those who have adopted a pet has increased considerably during the pandemic, according to an Ipsos report made for Mars Petcare. 10% of Romanians have adopted a cat for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, and 5% a dog.

Also, almost half (47%) of families in Romania who already had a cat and 42% of those who already had a dog before the pandemic adopted another pet after the state of emergency established at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on scientific data, Mars aims to contribute to education and information on the responsibility of humans towards pets. A leader in the production of pet food, the company promotes adoptions in shelters and encourages companies and organizations to facilitate the presence of furry friends at the office.

Taking responsibility for pet owners

Although the trend of adopting a pet over the past two years is encouraging, many pets are still being abandoned in shelters. That’s why Mars – along with the PEDIGREE® brand – continues its mission to help every pet find a loving family.

Mars also runs the campaign in Romania every year Help the animals in the shelters and always marks World Pet Day, October 4th.

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By purchasing any Pedigree, Whiskas, Sheba, Perfect Fit, Cesar or Dreamies product between September and November, each buyer can contribute to a better life for stray animals. In 2021, through this campaign, Mars donated more than 55 tons of animal food to shelters in Romania “, said Gina Ciubotărașu, Activation Lead Mars Central Europe.

With the pet at the office

Spending time with your pet only brings benefits. It is something known and proven by specialists. And this time could be extended to hours spent in the office, where employers understand these benefits and allow the presence of pets in the workplace. The result: a more relaxed atmosphere at the office and a happy pet with its owner. There are also studies that have shown that having pets makes friends much easier (Wood et al 2015).

On Mars, furry friends have been welcome in the office for many years, and the company has decided to talk about this experience to inspire others. A survey by Mars Petcare, the pet food division, shows that pet-friendly office space attracts and retains more office staff. This is why the facilities for pets offered by employers will become more and more important for employees when choosing a job.

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Those interested in this trend, relatively new in Romania, can find out more about what a pet-friendly office means by accessing this toolkit created and made available by Mars: www.bettercitiesforpets.com.

“Adopting pets, educating people and supporting businesses to implement pet-friendly facilities are our way of helping to create a better world for pets. It is friends who bring us so much love and joy into our lives. ”said Zuzana Losakova, Corporate Affairs Director at Mars Central Europe.

With the pet in town

Mars aims to create pet-friendly spaces not only in offices, but also in urban spaces, where pets often accompany their owners. Thus, the company will contribute, together with the communities in which it operates, to the creation of special areas for puppies at the entrance to shops, malls or restaurants, but also to the supplementation of areas specially designed for puppies in parks.

At Mars, we believe in the possibility of creating pet-friendly cities. Through medium and long-term initiatives and goals, with a proactive attitude, we want to be an inspiration for companies, organizations and people, to create a better infrastructure for pets. “said Amis Allushi, Petcare Portfolio lead at Mars Central Europe.

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