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Amazon is spending billions of dollars on its missions: how they will help humanity with the company’s new satellite


Amazon intends to spend several billion dollars in the coming years to launch satellites that will make some contribution to the global evolution of technology in the near future.

Specifically, the giant intends to launch, in the coming years, more satellites to provide broadband internet services, which could upset Elon Musk a little.

Amazon, Elon Musk’s direct competitor

Over the course of five years, Amazon plans 83 launches, wanting to compete directly with SpaceX.

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has already approved the new mission that Amazon intends to undertake in space, so the company is free to launch more than 3,200 satellites in the coming years as part of its program. recently called Project Kuiper.

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There is, however, an essential condition for Amazon to succeed in completing its efforts. The rockets that will facilitate the transport of satellites into space will have to work. These missiles are currently in production, with the deadline a little overdue, due to technical problems that could not be solved so far. The inconvenience was even with Jeff Bezos’ company, Blue Origin.

Amazon is currently in talks with three other companies for a collaboration for its upcoming satellite launches.

If the company fails to resolve its missile technical issues in a timely manner, it may lose the right to launch the new satellite, intended to provide broadband internet, in the near future.

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Obviously, the one who would benefit most from a possible failure of Amazon would be the head of Tesla and Space X, Elon Musk, the main competitor in the company’s space industry.

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