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An Austrian work of contemporary art becomes a monument in Bucharest


The unveiling ceremony of the new monument will take place in the presence of HE Adelheid Folie, Austrian Ambassador to Romania, and Thomas Kloiber, Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum in Bucharest, in a very close partnership between the two diplomatic institutions and MARE / Museum of Recent Art .

Created in 2010, the sculpture “Die Doppelgängerin” is a large work (460 x 200 x 200 cm and weighing 1,200 kg), made in only five copies (of different materials), spread around the world. The specimen that thus enters the permanent collection of MARe is the second in the series, being the only one cast in bronze. Before arriving in Bucharest, the sculpture was exhibited in Berlin, at the Palais Populaire (2020 – 2021). The Belvedere Palace in Vienna is also permanently home to another stainless steel version.

“As an ambassador of Austria, it is a great pleasure to see works by Austrian artists and artists set up in open spaces, accessible to the public. In this case, however, it is much more than that: we are dealing with a creation The “Die Doppelgängerin” sculpture by Valie Export impresses with both its size and its expressiveness, and thanks to its location right in front of the sea, it will be the first impression, the first image that visitors will get of the Museum of Recent Art. The work of art of one of the most important contemporary Austrian artists will be, from now on, a landmark of the city of Bucharest “, said ES Adelheid Folie, Austrian Ambassador to Romania.

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“On the one hand, Valie Export’s work gives a current dimension to the built heritage, built by Austrian architects in the historic center of Bucharest. On the other hand, sculpture brings to the public space one of the strongest artistic discourses of the moment, related to women’s rights and emancipation. We would like to extend our thanks and congratulations to Mr. Erwin Kessler and the Museum of Recent Art for all their efforts to bring to Romania this work that rises against intolerance and discrimination, “says the director of the Austrian Cultural Forum, Thomas Kloiber.

“Die Doppelgängerin is an untranslatable name, but as a meaning it refers to the idea of ​​alter ego, of a foreign twin (one who looks strikingly like someone else, without having any blood relationship). It can also be called the twin spirit (spirit in the sense of ghost, of being from the other world). Valie Export reproduced this concept through a monumental work, representing two open, intertwined scissors, oriented with the tips down, stuck in the ground. The impression is ambivalent: on the one hand it amazes with suppleness, elegance and grace, on the other hand it induces a state of anxiety, the two open scissors and the sharp tips accentuating the idea of ​​aggression, danger, piercing. Often associated with women’s domestic concerns (sewing, tailoring), but also with surgery, haircuts, or the production of a film (hence the famous call CUT !, from cinema), the scissors is “handled” by VALIE EXPORT in -a demonstrative and manifest way. The event on May 27, 2022 is also an opportunity for MARE / the Museum of Recent Art to thank the Austrian Embassy and the Austrian Cultural Forum for their support and for the extremely intense partnership of recent years, “said Erwin Kessler, CEO of Big.

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Born in Linz on May 17, 1940, Valie Export is one of the leading figures in the Austrian and European avant-garde and feminist art. Author of works – sculpture, photography, film, video, performance and installation – that have changed the ways of creation and public perception of engaged and socially engaged art, Valie Export is one of the most exposed and most prominent Austrian artists and artists. talk around the world.

The work “Die Doppelgängerin” was purchased after the success of the exhibition “Valie Export. Import ”, from December 18, 2020 to March 14, 2021, organized by MARe with the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum.

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