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Android is going downhill at high speed: how popular the iPhone has become in just a few years


For a moment in time and space, Apple phones were popular in only a few countries, and the general perception had become that an iPhone was too expensive to be a mass smartphone. However, things have changed and Android is losing ground.

Until recently, an iPhone cost 5,000 lei and most of those who owned one and would have bought it for subscriptions, in installments on the bill. Now, you can get a second generation iPhone SE for 1800 lei, while a third generation iPhone SE has a starting price of about 2500 lei. Next you will find an iPhone 13 Pro Max with 1TB of internal memory at about 9000 lei, Apple does not neglect the premium area. Unlike five years ago, however, it does a very good job of addressing the middle of the market, the mainstream area, where, until recently, there was only Android.

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Now Android is in its head

Android still dominates the market when you look at percentages, but more important than percentages is the trend, the direction the market is going. The trend shows that Apple does a very good job of attracting new customers. The operating system developed by Google currently has a market share of 69.74%, while in 2018, it had 7.58% more, up to 77.32%. The difference of almost eight percent is all the more impressive as it came in a time of crisis, in a pandemic, when people began to be a little more cautious with significant investments, with high expenditures.

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On the other side of the barricade, iOS, the operating system used by the iPhone has risen from 19.4% four years ago to 25.49% today. The percentage differences are due to other operating systems struggling to survive in a market dominated by iOS and Android.

All in all, Apple is unlikely to ever dominate the market instead of Android, but it doesn’t need to either. Given the profit share of each device it puts on the market, the Cupertino giant benefits enormously from every extra percentage it earns from one year to the next.

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