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Apple and Facebook, the victim of hackers: it shouldn’t be so easy to get your personal information


Authorities in every corner of the globe may, in certain circumstances, request sensitive data from Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other tech giants in hopes of resolving a case. However, it seems that the hackers used the same system and it worked great.

You would expect Apple and Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, to have a number of verification mechanisms when they receive requests from the authorities. Not the other way around, but not everyone should be able to receive personal information about you just because they wrote an email about it. Unfortunately, this is exactly what has happened, and some of the most powerful technology companies have fallen prey to hacker practices.

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Apple and Facebook, tricked by hackers

The shameful and sad event at the same time took place in the middle of last year. Apple and Meta responded to emails that appeared to be from the authorities. These messages require emergency access to user data. The two companies did not hesitate for a second and omitted basic checks, giving hackers everything they asked for, phone numbers, physical addresses, IPs and more.

Following a further investigation, Krebs on Security concluded that the authorities had not played any role in that series of events. A group of hackers was behind all the messages. But the weirdest part of the whole equation is that Apple and Meta, the company behind Facebook, have been acquitted.

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Not for nothing, but hackers have obtained models, matrices, of the messages that the authorities send regularly in such situations. Moreover, they gained access to the email servers of some police departments. In other words, the messages sent to Apple and Facebook were exactly the same as the original ones and came from the same sender as the original ones. In theory, there should have been a subpoena or search warrant attached, but in situations defined as urgent, that email format is sufficient.

The hackers responsible for the above detailed practice were part of the Recursion Team, which had since been disbanded. Some members of the group turned to Lapsus $.

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