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Apple is changing the rules of the game and it could cost you dearly: if you have an iPhone, you need to know this


Apple is constantly trying to find a balance in satisfying its users and satisfying its developers financially. Not for nothing, but there wouldn’t be an iPhone or an iPad without the millions of apps available in the AppStore. Unfortunately, some changes may be of concern to the owners of those gadgets.

In the context of the global inflationary wave, Apple is trying to be significantly more flexible when it comes to the price increases applied by developers to the subscriptions of the applications in the portfolio. Not for nothing, but many have had to keep up with prices in order to adjust to price increases in other areas, from energy to fuel and food. Unfortunately, the new system may upset you.

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What about subscriptions

One thing is for sure, most of the applications you use in 2022 have a subscription-based business model. For this reason, Apple has very strict rules regarding the evolution of the price of those subscriptions. Until now, if the developer is priced high, the subscription will stop instantly and keep the user from resuming it, if he wants to.

From now on, according to the new rules from Apple, users will be notified at the time of the price increases, by email and notification on the phone screen, but the subscription will continue without any additional intervention. That way, if you’re not paying close attention to the emails you receive or have tens and hundreds of emails a day that you can’t read in full, you may lose more money on your card than you used to. previous agreement.

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You will still be able to interrupt your subscription, Apple will never restrict this right, but you have to do it manually, even if unilaterally, it has become more expensive. As a reference, not all developers will benefit from this, but only those who will not exceed certain thresholds. For example, subscription price increases that will not be automatically discontinued must be less than $ 5 or less than 50% of the original price. The annual increase must be no more than $ 50, or again up to $ 50, to enjoy the same privilege.

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