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Apple leaves you without your favorite apps, but it has an explanation for that: why it’s for your own good


Apple is known for the constant updates it sends to iPhone, iPad and Mac owners. Unfortunately, the same updates are at the center of a significant dispute with developers, although regular users may suffer the most.

Ideally, all the apps you find in the AppStore should be updated and optimized for the latest hardware from Apple. Unfortunately, especially for small, independent developers, who are mostly behind your favorite games and utilities, they don’t have the time and resources for constant updates.

In addition, many applications from 5 years ago, maybe even 10, work more than reasonably even now. They don’t need anything. However, Apple believes that compatibility is not enough.

Apple is starting to delete apps from the AppStore

Apple has long promised to clean up the AppStore and has begun the process with a series of emails to developers. As you can see in the tweet above, the basic idea is as simple as it gets. App developers receive an email alerting them that in the absence of an update sent for approval within the next 30 days, the app will be deleted from the AppStore.

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The good news is that the applications in question will still work on the terminals of those who installed them, further proof of the absurdity of the set of circumstances. Apple takes this step not because we are talking about games or utilities that are no longer functional or incorporate security issues, but because they have not benefited from updates in recent years, according to the claims of the Cupertino giant.

As a result, chances are high that in the coming weeks and months, if you change your phone, you may not be able to install at least some of your favorite applications, especially if they come to lesser known developers.

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