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Apple, the leader in users: what is the strategy of the giant


It seems that the development strategy that Apple implemented four years ago, giving more autonomy to product groups, is bearing fruit and is very visible in the very large number of new users who choose to buy the company’s products.

As a reference, until 2018, Apple tried to focus as much as possible on the products on the wave, such as iPhone and Apple Watch. In this context, products such as iPad or Mac were less frequently updated. But since 2iP018, Apple has changed its strategy and started to offer autonomy to the teams that deal with product groups. This means that instead of someone in the hierarchical chain deciding and approving the evolution for all of the company’s products, product group departments now operate independently, according to an analysis by Above Avalon.

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Apple has no competition

Now, in 2022, it is observed that all categories of Apple products have advanced much faster, launching many more updates than before 2018. The most important aspect is that they attract new users at an excellent pace.

As an example, the iPhone has 60 million new users a year (the best rate in the last five years), the Apple Watch has 30 million new users a year (the best rate of all time), and the iPad has 30 millions of new users a year, also having the best pace of all time. The Mac also has 15 million new users a year.

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According to the same analysis, there is currently no other company that can keep up with Apple, that is, have the same pace of development and attract new users to such a wide range of products.

In the last 18 months, the tech giant has organized seven product revelations that included a collection of new hardware, software and services. There is no other company in the same league as Apple when it comes to maintaining and updating such a broad and comprehensive ecosystem of devices and services. The pace of unveiling of new Apple products has played a role in the company’s success.

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