Home News Australian Labor prepares for government: Who is their leader Anthony Albanese?

Australian Labor prepares for government: Who is their leader Anthony Albanese?


Australian Labor and their leader, Anthony Albanese, who will be the future Prime Minister of Australia, as they win Saturday’s election after nine years of Conservative rule, are preparing to govern, writes the BBC.

Anthony Albanese, one of the country’s longest-serving politicians, promised voters “safe change” after describing former Conservative Prime Minister Scott Morrison as “the most divisive I’ve ever seen.”

In a country plagued by floods, fires and severe droughts, Labor promises to do more for the environment.

More than 17 million Australians were expected at the polls on Saturday to elect a new parliament and form another government, according to digi24.ro.

Voting is mandatory in Australia and those who abstain risk a fine of A $ 20 (€ 13).

Electoral officials changed the rules at the last minute to allow more positive people with COVID-19 to vote by telephone in this first federal election since the beginning of the pandemic.

Australian Labor Party to Give Anthony Albanese Prime Minister Raised in Social Housing by Single Mother

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After the pandemic, which saw Australian states isolated from each other and cities divided by strict closures, promoting unity is a top priority for the new leader, Anthony Albanese, also known as Albo.

“I want to bring the Australians together. I want to pursue our common goal and promote unity and optimism, not fear and division, “he said in a victory speech on Saturday night.

Albanese has earned a reputation as an advocate for the free health care system in Australia, as a lawyer for the LGBT community, as a Republican and as a passionate fan of the rugby league, according to spotmedia.ro.

The 59-year-old, nicknamed Albo, was raised in social housing by a single mother with a disability pension. He often cited his education as the foundation of his progressive beliefs.

The first in the family to finish school

Albanese thought her father had died before she was born, but as a teenager she learned that her mother had actually become pregnant with a married man while traveling in Europe.

Three decades later, he tracked down Carlo Albanese, flying to Italy to meet his father and stepbrothers for the first time.

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Albanese said her mother, Maryanne Ellery, was determined to make sure he had a chance she never had. With her support, he became the first in his family to finish school and go to college.

Creating a better world for his own son, Nathan, is the source of inspiration behind his public life.

He entered politics as a young man

Albanese has been a pillar of the Labor Party since she was 20 years old.

He worked in both federal and state politics before being elected, at the age of 33, to a college in downtown Sydney in 1996.

In 2007, when Labor came to power under Kevin Rudd, Albanese became Minister of Infrastructure and Transport.

Albanese has been an important voice of the left-wing faction of the Labor Party, but since becoming leader he has moved more towards the center.

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