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Australians have been divided over the next few days


Australians remain divided over a few days’ election after the latest national poll shows that voters are alarmed by rising cost of living, climate change and the unpopularity of Prime Minister Scott Morrison as key election issues.

Australia went to the polls on Saturday, and polls released on Wednesday showed Morrison’s Liberal-National coalition would lose to center-left Labor leader Anthony Albanese, ending nine years of Conservative rule.

Rising living costs have dominated the last few months of the campaign, with voters considering it the most critical issue in some polls.

Australians are divided ahead of next election, with many issues affecting the outcome of this election

Wage growth in Australia has risen by only a fraction in the last quarter, data showed on Wednesday, although a tightening of the labor market and record vacancies have intensified competition for workers. But consumer price inflation has risen twice as fast as wages, keeping real income “in the red” in jeopardy.

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Adding to the cautious instinct that characterizes both political camps before the election, leaders could scare voters if they talk about major policy changes at a time when the pandemic, war, inflation, climate change and an increasingly assertive China they left Australian voters eager for reassuring voices.

The federal elections in May in Australia will most likely be a close race between the Liberal-National Party in the current government and the opposition, represented by the Labor Party.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and opposition leader Anthony Albanese began their first full day of campaigning for the May federal general election on Monday (April 11th).

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s government could lose the May federal election, according to polls released on Monday (April 11th), according to Reuters.

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