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Biden visits South Korea’s National Cemetery


US President Joe Biden visited Seoul National Cemetery on Saturday to pay tribute to the war dead, ahead of a meeting with South Korea’s new president, Yoon Suk-yeol.

Biden laid a wreath in front of the memorial tower, burned incense, and silently paid tribute to soldiers who died during the 1950-1953 Korean War, according to Reuters.

Biden went to South Korea’s National Cemetery, then saw the country’s newly elected president. Yoon Suk-yeol

Biden and Yoon met in Seoul on Saturday for their first diplomatic engagement since the inauguration of the South Korean president 11 days ago.

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The friendly meeting between the allies is overshadowed by reports that North Korean leader Kim is ready to launch nuclear tests or other missiles.

South Korea’s new president, Yoon Suk-yeol, has said North Korea’s weapons program is a threat, but is ready to offer a “bold” economic plan if the North gives up nuclear weapons.

Yoon made the remarks in his inaugural address after taking the oath at a ceremony in Seoul. He won the March election as the leader of the main Conservative Party, the People’s Power Party, less than a year after entering politics after a 26-year career as a prosecutor.

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“While North Korea’s nuclear weapons program poses a threat not only to our security and to Northeast Asia, the door to dialogue will remain open to resolve this threat peacefully,” Yoon said.

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