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Cannes 2022 – “La Jauria”, directed by Colombian Andrés Ramirez Pulido, won the Grand Prize of the Semaine de la Critique section


“La Jauria” paints the daily routine of young criminals and criminals whom an educator, Alvaro, tries to give a chance through a group therapy in an abandoned house in the center of the rainforest. In the humid and suffocating atmosphere of the Colombian forest, the “re-education” of young people is more like a prison than a way out for the future.

Andrès Ramirez Pulido, 32, has already had two short films selected and awarded at several international festivals.

“I wanted to focus a lot on the image, in the language of cinema, to show the violence,” he explained in an interview with AFP in Cannes.

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In all his films, the director questions his father’s figure: his absence or his harmful presence, from which the characters constantly suffer.

The “French Touch” award was given to the film “Aftersun”, made by the British Charlotte Wells, about the relationship between a daughter and her father.

Prix ​​Fondation Louis Roederer de la Révélation was awarded to Zelda Samson, the young heroine of “Dalva”, directed by the French Emmanuelle Nicot. At the age of 12, Alva is suddenly torn from the arms of her father, who has always held her captive.

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Short Discovery Award Leitz Cine du court métrage was awarded “Ice Merchants” by the Portuguese Joao Gonzalez, a film without dialogue.

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