Home News Children in Mariupol go to Russification without a vacation until September 1

Children in Mariupol go to Russification without a vacation until September 1


Children in Mariupol – a city in southeastern Ukraine in the Donetsk region under the control of the Russian army – will learn Russian all summer long, in an attempt to Russify, Russified after the occupants extended the school year until September 1, he said. Mariupol Mayor’s Adviser Petro Andrushchenko.

“The main goal is to de-Ukrainianize and prepare for the school year according to the Russian curriculum. The children will be taught Russian language and literature, Russian history and mathematics in Russian all summer long, “he wrote in the Telegram.

According to him, the Russians plan to open 9 schools, but so far they have found only 53 teachers who have agreed to work.

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Accelerated Russification is planned for children in Mariupol until September 1, but there are not many teachers for this

“There are 6 teachers per school – a vivid illustration of Russian education in Mariupol during the occupation,” Petro Andrushchenko wrote, according to ziare.com.

It is the 92nd day of the war in Ukraine. The Russian offensive continues in the Donbas, where more than 40 cities are heavily bombed.

Volidimir Zelenski launched a harsh attack on Henry Kissinger regarding his statements regarding possible territorial surrenders to Moscow.

The Kremlin will approve a ceasefire as it approaches defeat, Ukrainian Foreign Minister believes.

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