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China is violating Taiwan’s air defense zone with dozens of military planes


China has again sent 30 military planes to Taiwan’s air defense zone in the largest such raid since January. They were intercepted by the Taiwanese air force.

The Taiwanese Defense Ministry said that the air force intervened to warn the Chinese aircraft, while the missile systems carried out actions to monitor Beijing’s fighter jets. According to the ministry, the Chinese aircraft flew over an area northeast of the island of Pratas, administered by Taiwan.

No gunfire was fired, and Chinese aircraft did not enter Taiwan’s actual airspace.

It is the largest Chinese air force raid in Taiwan since January 23, when 39 Beijing aircraft entered the island’s air identification zone. The Chinese Ministry of Defense has not yet made any comment, but in the past, Beijing has stated that such missions “have the role of protecting the country’s sovereignty”, according to biziday.ro.

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China returns to Taiwan’s air defense zone, wanting to exhaust and test small Asian state forces

Taiwan says China’s repeated military activities are designed to exhaust the island state’s forces through their continued involvement, but also to test the country’s response to a crisis.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden said the US would intervene militarily to defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack. Beijing responded to President Biden’s remarks and said that “Taiwan’s situation is only China’s problem” and urged Washington not to underestimate “the will of the Chinese people to defend their sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

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