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Consumer protection commissioners “rained” fines of hundreds of thousands of lei in the Old Center


The Consumer Protection Commissioners imposed fines of over 500,000 lei in the Old Center, in two days, and ordered the measure of temporarily stopping the provision of the service until the deficiencies are remedied for about a quarter of those controlled.

“Between June 2-3, 2022, joint teams of the Commissariats for Consumer Protection in Constanţa, Călăraşi, Braşov and Bucharest counties carried out no less than 82 control actions, targeting all commercial activities that take place in the Old Center. Following the verifications, fines were imposed in the amount of 538,000 lei, 22 warnings and the measure of temporarily stopping the provision of the service until the deficiencies are remedied, for 23 economic operators (approximately a quarter of those controlled) “, it is shown in a communiqué of the National Authority for Consumer Protection sent on Monday, according to agerpres.ro.

Among the most important irregularities found by the ANPC commissioners were the use of expired products, unhygienic cooking equipment, with thick deposits of grease, rust and dark oil and with a bad smell and the use of damaged dishes and utensils (eliminated out of use even during control).

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A drop in those from the Consumer Protection was left with severe fines in the Old Center, but also temporary closures of premises

Also identified were the use of metrologically unverified electronic scales, the lack of individualized specification of ingredients in the menu list, including the mention of potential allergens, direct storage on the floor of boxes of soft drinks or raw materials, changing the thermal state of products, from refrigerated in frozen products, the use of frozen foods with cold burns, the use of depreciated refrigerated storage spaces, salt paint, rust, unhygienic linings or waste, the presence of beetles in the unit or in the food block or the lack of chloramine necessary for sanitation .

On the other hand, the commissioners discovered the reuse of boxes from raw materials to store other foodstuffs, the existence of fans with dust deposits, refrigerated display cases, non-compliance with the vicinity of foodstuffs, in refrigerated display cases, the use of confectionery stored in refrigeration space without identification and characterization elements, as well as without the expiration date, non-compliance with the temperature regulated by law for keeping hot finished dishes (minimum +60 degrees C), non-compliance with hygiene conditions in the food block or bar space and use of ice cream cones kept outside, outdoors, uncovered and protected from dust and insects.

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I can understand the lack of staff and its consequences, I can understand that HoReCa has gone through a difficult period in the last two years, but I can’t understand the dirt, the existence of “expired”, beetles and poor management of a kitchen. I can’t understand those who, at the end of the day, collect money and forget that the source of income must be maintained. I congratulate, however, half-heartedly those who have corrected things in a reasonable time.

We do not boast of the sanctions applied, it is the way in which we transmit, to those still uncontrolled, to take measures before we take them “, declared Horia Constantinescu, president of ANPC.

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