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Cristina Liberis, director of films about Enescu and Celibidache, invited to the show “Nocturne”


A less common meeting for the “Nocturne” audience, on Monday, June 30, on TVR 1, but obviously in the value norms of the show: the former front journalist, currently producing and documenting, Cristina Liberis is the guest of Marina Constantinescu. Cristina Liberis recently made documentaries about George Enescu and Sergiu Celibidache.

A model of honesty and professionalism, Cristina Liberis is a voice that has told us, for years, what is happening in places in the world that are hard to reach for ordinary people, according to a TVR statement.

“Many say I’m tough,” says Cristina, but the story on the spot, especially when it comes to war zones, means fears, the unknown, and emotions. I’ll be back in a month and a half. “

“It simply came to our notice then

“On the front line, the sense of survival is not enough. You also need an angel. Or even cohorts, “said the journalist, who reported for TVR in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, the former Yugoslavia. Cristina Liberis (photo).

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Her kind of journalism was never based on bombasticity, but on a clear analysis from all angles.

Maybe that’s why Cristina Liberis’s voice feels sad that, in the job she has been doing for so many years and which she has never betrayed, everything has become superficial, condensed. Foreign news reappeared in the news only as a result of a war so close to us …

“It is very difficult at the moment to watch a television station, a news program, in the conditions in which everyone does journalism … On social networks, everyone presents their truth. But they forgot the common sense rules of true journalism, I think. And that’s the biggest loss.

Just as, in the war, the first thing that dies is the truth, so, in the changes that took place, the first things that died in journalism were the rules “, Cristina underlines.

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In fact, “journalism is not a profession to retire from,” admits the former front-line journalist, who, however, continues to need adventure, search and his feet are burning to leave home. Even today, Cristina Liberis makes TV documentaries, for which she documents herself thoroughly, in which she tells stories that she is tirelessly looking for.

Cristina Liberis tells us about the unique experiences lived on the front, but also about the cultural side to which life has led her at “Nocturne.” On Monday, May 30, at 11 pm, on TVR 1, a statement reads. TVR.

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