Home News Dmitry Rogozin threatens part of Eastern Europe to launch ballistic missiles there

Dmitry Rogozin threatens part of Eastern Europe to launch ballistic missiles there


The head of Russia’s Roskosmos space agency, Dmitry Rogozin, threatened three Eastern European countries on Monday that Russia could launch ballistic missiles at them, after those states banned the overflight of their space by the plane carrying the Russian diplomat. , Sergei Lavrov, on a visit to Belgrade, according to the Croatian news agency HINA.

Bulgaria, northern Macedonia and Montenegro, Serbia’s neighbors and all NATO members, have closed their airspace to Sergei Lavrov’s plane, which is due to pay a two-day visit to Serbia, with the three countries citing EU sanctions on Russia. launching its offensive in Ukraine on February 24.

The Kremlin described the move as a hostile move by the three countries, but said it would not prevent Moscow from maintaining contact with friendly countries. Lavrov blamed the EU and NATO for the incident.

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“Do you know what a Sarmatian is good for? He will not ask permission to fly over the cowards of Bulgarians, the avenging Romanians and the Montenegrins who betrayed our common history “, Rogozin threatened in a post on Twitter, according to agerpres.ro.

Sarmat is a Russian intercontinental ballistic missile, but which, according to the same Rogozin, will not be equipped with the Russian army until the end of autumn, until then a series of tests will pass, as the head of Roskosmos declared for the Russian state media on May 21. , according to Rossia-24.

The Sarmat missile was tested on May 20 at the Plesetsk cosmodrome, and was launched by President Vladimir Putin. Russian authorities said the test was successful.

Lavrov’s visit to Belgrade had been scheduled for June 6 and 7, three days before German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s visit.

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Rogozin wants to bomb ballistic missiles in Eastern Europe after Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was barred from flying

Referring to Serbia, the Russian foreign minister said that a sovereign country had been denied the right to its own foreign policy, HINA notes. “No one will be able to destroy our relations with Serbia,” Sergei Lavrov told a news conference.

Lavrov told a news conference on Monday that Russia could not have imagined such a decision by three NATO member states.

On Monday, Vice-President of the Federation Council (Upper House of the Russian Parliament) Konstantin Kosaciov denounced a “NATO move” against Russia and Serbia and called for a “common and extremely severe reaction” that would translate into “practical action, concrete “, notes AFP.

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