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“Don Giovanni” directed by Andrei Şerban opens Bucharest Opera Festival on the stage of the Bucharest National Opera


The costumes are the creation of Corina Grămoşteanu, and the decor and lights belong to Andrei Şerban. The Orchestra, Choir and Ballet Ensemble of the Bucharest National Opera perform under the baton of conductor Tiberiu Soare.

The next performance of the title will take place on Friday, June 24, at 18:30, and will open the first edition of the Bucharest Opera Festival.

Director Andrei Şerban about the show “Don Giovanni” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: “Speaking of influences, a considerable inspiration for the new show (in which only the setting remained the same – but used differently – and some of the costumes) was a recently published book – The Original Portrait of Mozart’s Don Giovanni.

Author Magnus Schneider discovered documents describing in detail the first staging of the opera in Prague in 1787, with Mozart himself at the desk, and his collaboration with Luigi Bassi, who at the age of 21 was a young baritone full of charm and nobility, whom the composer she adored him and inspired him when he played the title role.

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Mozart called Don Giovanni a playful drama. Like life itself, it is an amalgam of tragedy and comedy. Light and darkness were simultaneously present in everything Mozart did.

Da Ponte, a very talented librettist, wrote this “playful drama”, which is and is not comic, because on the one hand it touches aspects hidden deep in the human being and at the same time it is apparently superficial, sprinkled with jokes. Like Mozart’s music, it is always changing, sometimes cheerful, sometimes lyrical, or deeply serious. But, as Peter Brook observes, unlike Molière, Tirso de Molina, Goldoni or other authors who, under the pressure of Catholicism, wrote about Don Juan following the model of morality, plays about an evil man who ends up in hell, Da Ponte and Mozart they had a completely different intention. They both sympathized with Giovanni, recognizing themselves somewhat in character, because they loved life, women, freedom as much as he did. ”

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The legend of Don Juan has inspired great authors of all time, from Tirso de Molina, Molière, ETA Hoffmann, George Gordon Byron, Alexander Pushkin, George Bernard Shaw and Albert Camus, being the starting point of plays, essays and poems. . All in all, Mozart’s work remains unmatched, fresh with each staging, as if the tireless Don Juan himself had inoculated it with his energy.

“What’s going on in Don Giovanni?” Do women hunt him down or does he seduce them? Each adopts one of three possibilities: sensuality, covenant for life, salvation, and each role highlights the half-serious, half-comic aspects of these options. ” – Andrei Serban

Tickets here and from the Ticket Office of the Bucharest National Opera.

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