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Dozens of people were killed during a Sunday service at a church in Nigeria


Massacre in Africa where dozens of people were killed during Sunday Mass in a church in Nigeria.

Armed men attacked a Catholic church in southwestern Nigeria during Sunday’s service, killing at least 50 people, including women and children, according to a hospital doctor and local media.

Armed men opened fire on a Catholic church in Nigeria, killing dozens of believers during Sunday Mass.

According to a doctor, who made statements for Reuters, there are no less than 50 bodies that were recovered from St. Francis Church in Owo, in the state of Ondo in southwestern Nigeria.

Local media reported that gunmen detonated explosives and that the victims included women and children.

Dozens of people were killed in Nigeria recently this Sunday, but the identity and motive of the assailants are unknown.

The identity and motive of the attackers were not immediately clear.

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President Muhammadu Buhari condemned the attack, calling it “odious”, while the Vatican said Pope Francis was praying for the victims.

Africa’s most populous country is battling an Islamist insurgency in the northeast, where armed gangs have carried out attacks and kidnappings for ransom.

However, similar incidents in the Southwest, such as Sunday’s attack, are considered rare.

Armed attacks do not stop in the United States

A new armed attack took place in the United States, which resulted in three deaths and several deaths. The attack took place on a busy street in Philadelphia, where several men opened fire.

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Philadelphia local police said an armed attack took place on a busy street, killing three men and two women and a woman. Another 11 people were hospitalized.

“Fourteen people, as far as we know, were shot and hospitalized. Three of them, two men and a woman, were pronounced dead after being rushed to hospital with multiple gunshot wounds, “said DF Pace Detective Philadelphia Police.

According to the quoted source, the officers who intervened on the spot “noticed several active shooters who opened fire on the crowd” in the area of ​​South Street in Philadelphia, a very busy artery.

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