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Epic Games has created a mobile application that turns photos into 3D models: how RealityScan works


Epic Games has created a mobile application that can turn photos into 3D scans. Capturing Reality, a company bought by Epic Games last year, has created photogrammetric software called RealityCapture.

This software can quickly convert laser scans or images to 3D scans. With RealityScan, Epic Games hopes to give users access to the same technology right from their phone, according to Engadget.

The idea is that users will be able to scan real-world objects at any time for use in their projects. Once you sign in with your Epic Games account, the app will ask you to take at least 20 photos of an object. You can also hold your finger on the capture button as you move around the object. After the application processes the images and turns them into a 3D object using RealityCapture servers, you can export the scan to Sketchfab (a 3D asset platform purchased by Epic Games in 2021).

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With this app, you can do many things

Thus, you will then be able to sell the assets of other creators or use it for your own 3D projects, virtual reality and augmented reality. Game developers may find the app particularly useful if they need a particular article to place it in a virtual environment. As is already the case, Epic Games has just opened up access to Unreal Engine 5.

Epic Games is testing a beta version of the app with a limited number of iOS users before the more extensive, early-access release on the iPhone this spring. An Android version of RealityScan will reach users later this year.

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Thus, photographing things in the real world for digital experiences has traditionally been complicated and technical and requires a lot of work. Now in a limited beta, RealityScan takes what people love about RealityCapture – fast and easy 3D scanning – and puts it in the hands of anyone with a smartphone, turning their cameras into an endless source of creativity.

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