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EU antitrust regulators’ investigation into Google expands across Europe


EU antitrust regulators’ investigation into Google expands. Google’s digital advertising business is now also under investigation in Portugal.

For reference, the European Commission began its investigation in June last year, and the Portuguese Competition Authority (AdC) only opened an investigation in May this year following a complaint, according to Reuters. The Portuguese Supervisory Authority also said that the EU competition authority took over the case on July 27, given the scale and impact of the matter at hand. The Commission stated that it had taken note of AdC’s announcement.

How the Google investigation is going

According to AdC, its investigation focused on the market for ad servers for publishers and the market for supply platforms, which allow publishers to manage advertising space on their sites and sell it through auctions or agreements with advertisers.

“There are indications that Google used information unavailable to competitors in online advertising auctions to change the outcome of those auctions in Google’s favor and possibly limited the development of competing auction technologies, among other anticompetitive conduct, in the context of the negotiations with the editors”, according to AdC.

We remind you that recently, Google was willing to pay 90 million dollars, because of its monopoly and that it abuses its position.

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Thus, to get developers in the United States to drop a lawsuit targeting the commission charged for apps distributed through the Play Store, Google is paying the huge sum. In this way, the tech giant will escape a joint lawsuit against it by the developers of applications in the United States, dissatisfied with the commission charged by the company. So, the amount would benefit, to varying degrees, all American Android application developers who earned less than $2 million per year from 2016 to 2021, writes Engadget.

For reference, in this case, more than 48,000 Android app developers in the United States will receive this money. Google also promises to let developers communicate with customers outside of apps through promotional messages.

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