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# EUSpace4Ukraine: The EU space tool at the service of the Ukrainian people


The EU Space Program Agency, EUSPA, is launching a platform to put space at the service of the Ukrainian people.

The platform aims to connect innovators, start-ups and companies with NGOs and other entities that provide field assistance. The platform brings together applications and solutions that mobilize free data from Galileo and Copernicustwo components of the EU Space Program, to increase humanitarian support to the Ukrainian people and calls on the innovation community to propose additional ones.

Galileo provides positioning and navigation services, and Copernicus provides Earth observation data and information.

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The applications and solutions published on this platform will cover a wide range of uses, from supporting NGOs providing medical products through drones, to practical solutions to support the integration into the EU of war-torn people.

An hour-long webinar will be held on April 12 to explain how you can contribute to the platform and future activities.

This will include liaising between innovators / start-ups / start-ups and NGOs / entities providing support, as well as a hackathon for the development of specific applications dedicated to the new distinct needs.

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