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Facebook Messenger relies more on audio and video calls, from now on: what changes it will make, how it helps you


Meta Messenger has become an incredibly popular way to make voice and video calls for free.

A new design change, announced by Meta, will make the call button a little easier to find. The company will add a dedicated tab for audio and video calls in the feature bar at the bottom of the app. The new tab will appear next to ‘Chats’, ‘Stories’ and ‘People’ and create a link to a user contact list, along with separate buttons for voice and video calls.

Sure, we’re talking about a subtle change, but it’s probably an important step in making Facebook Messenger look more like a Whatsapp-style messaging app.

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Facebook Messenger wants more simplicity and is increasingly niche in audio and video

Prior to the change, users had to open a separate chat with a friend to call them. The new feature allows users to call friends directly and can also serve as a tutorial for those who are not so used to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Meseenger, but want to give it a try.

According to Meta, daily audio and video calls on Messenger have increased by 40% since the beginning of 2020. The company has expanded the features available for its encrypted messaging earlier this year, adding feedback, gifs, message-specific replies and forwarding.

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Meta’s plan is to make end-to-end encryption the default for Facebook and Instagram by 2023. It has also added a number of AR effects to its video calls, allowing users to experience filters, masks and animations.

When it comes to free messaging apps, Messenger has a long list of competitors, including Google Voice, Viber, Signal and WhatsApp, which Meta bought in 2014. Although enhancing audio and video features doesn’t necessarily help Facebook Messenger come out. Of course, this remains one of the few really important apps right now, other than FaceTime, of course, which doesn’t require a phone number to use.

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