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For more security, Maia Sandu wants to invest in the army of the Republic of Moldova


To feel safe, President Maia Sandu said on Wednesday that Moldova – even if it is a neutral country – needs to invest more in its armed forces, stressing that its country needs a functioning and modern army capable of responding. the challenges of time, according to Deschide.md.

“A strong and well-equipped army gives the country freedom of action, self-confidence and strategic options. Therefore, we must make serious financial and logistical efforts to build a professional, modern and equipped army “, said Maia Sandu, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the founding of the General Staff of the national army.

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“We have war right on our border, so we understand that very well. In this sense, the Republic of Moldova must take over the experience of other neutral states to consolidate its armed forces “, she mentioned, according to agerpres.ro.

For safety, Maia Sandu wants to reform the armed forces in the Republic of Moldova, currently offering some distinctions

On this occasion, Maia Sandu offered several distinctions to the officers and specialists of the General Staff and visited the military base no. 142, which houses the living spaces and the sports complex where the soldiers of the national army are trained.

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Wednesday, April 27, was also the day of the state flag in the Republic of Moldova, which was also marked by the Chisinau authorities.

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