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General culture test: Liberté, égalité, fraternité


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Do you think you’re ace in terms of general culture? See how informed you are with the help of these 27 questions, classified by several areas of interest.

1 During the period the French Revolution took place?


b. 1879-1889

c. 1798-1801

2 What does “Lepedeu” regionalism mean?

a. Circle

b. Sheet

c. Carpet

3 What is the longest mountain range?

a. The Carpathians

b. The Alps

c. Cordillera Andes

4 When was Louis XVI executed?

a. 1789

b. 1790

c. 1793

5 Who sings the song “Suspicious Minds?

a. Ray Charles

b. Elvis Presley

c. Bruce Springsteen

6 When was the Declaration of Human Rights adopted?

a. 1978

b. 1789

c. 1897

7 What bird is popularly nicknamed “the cage?

a. Cotofana

b. Hummingbirds

c. Rooster

8 What is the capital of Kenya?

a. Kampala

b. Nairobi

v. Abuja

9 In which country is the Krakatau Volcano?

a. USA

b. Indonesia

v. Australia

10 What does the archaism “hospital” mean?

a. bed

b. hospital

c. plate

11 What regime did France have before the revolution?

a. absolute monarchy

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b. dictatorship

c. parliamentary monarchy

12 What type of unit was the White Squadron?

a. sanitary

b. guerrilla

c. mechanics

13 Where was Toma Caragiu born?

a. Aetomilitsa

b. Braila

c. The sole

14 Who painted “Liberty leading the people(1830)?

a. Claude Monet

b. Eugene Delacroix

c. Nicolae Grigorescu

15 What is the currency of Egypt?

a. Pound

b. Lek

c. The lever

16 Who wrote “Wretches?

a. Voltaire

b. Victor Hugo

v. Albert Camus

17 “La Marseillaise” has become an anthemnational of France in the year…

a. 1795

b. 1863

c. 1793

18 What plant has the scientific name of “Cucumis sativus ?

a. Cucumbers

b. Onion

c. Garlic

19 Who plays the main role in the movie “Iron Man“?

a. Pedro Pascal

b. Robert Downey Jr.

v. Stan Lee

20 Who sings the song “Eye of the tiger?

a. Bruce Springsteen

b. Survivor

c. Bob Dylan

21 Where was the capital of the Byzantine Empire?

a. Rome

b. Paris

v. Constantinople

22 From which country does mozzarella come?

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a. China

b. Italy

v. Greece

23 The fall of the Bastille began in…

a. July 1789

b. August 1879

c. June 1987

24 Maximilien de Robespierre was…

a. actor

b. revolutionary

c. doctor

25 Whose group is the album “Povestiri din găra(1992)?

a. Pheonix

b. Hummingbird

c. Cargo

26 Who was the last empress of France?

a. Josephine Bonaparte

b. Eugénie de Montijo

v. Marie Antoinette

27 Which country celebrates its national day on July 14?

a. America

b. Italy

c. France

The correct answers:

1. a. 1789-1799

2. b. Sheet

3. c. Cordillera Andes

4. c. 1793

5. b. Elvis Presley

6. b. 1789

7. a. Cotofana

8. b. Nairobi

9. b. Indonesia

10. b. hospital

11. a. absolute monarchy

12. a. sanitary

13. a. Aetomilitsa

14 b. Eugène Delacroix

15. a. Pound

16. b. Victor Hugo

17. a. 1795

18. a. Cucumbers

19. b. Robert Downey Jr.

20. b. Survivor

21. v. Constantinople

22. b. Italy

July 23, 1789

24 b. revolutionary

25 c. Cargo

26. b. Eugénie de Montijo

27. v. France

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