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General culture test: On the mustache


1 What twentieth-century painter is also famous for his mustache?

Claude Monet

b. Henri Matisse

c. Salvador Dali

2 What does “lonely” mean?

a. Who greets

b. Coincidentally

c. Lonely

3 How many riparian countries does the Black Sea have?




4 Who was the last king of France?

a. Louis XIV

b. Napoleon

c. Louis XVI

5 Who sings the song “Strawberry Fields Forever?


b) The Beatles

C. Maroon 5

6 In what year did the film “An American Tragedy?


b 1932

c 1931

7 Which plant has the highest concentration of vitamin C?

a. The lemon

b. Parsley

c. The apple

8 What is the capital of Croatia?


b) Zagreb

v. Bern

9 In what country is Yosemite National Park located?

a. USA

b. Great Britain

v. Australia

10 What does regionalism mean??

a. cart

b. wicker basket

c. stove

11 How many rulers are there in our history?


b. 20


12 In what century did the Industrial Revolution begin?



c. XX

13 In which city was Ionel Teodoreanu born?

a. Bucharest

b. Brasov

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c. Iasi

14 In what year did the trials of the Salem witches begin?


b. 1697

c. 1702

15 What is the currency of Argentina?

a. Dollar

b) Euro

c) Weight

16 Which is the southernmost city in the world?


b.Port Williams

c. Ushuaia

17 What is measured in ohms?

a. Electric current

b. Electrical induction

c. Electrical resistance

18 What flower has the scientific name of “Nelumbo nucifera?

a. Lotus

b. Camelie

c. geranium

19 How long is the longest mustache in the world?

a. 4.7 meters

b. 4.9 meters

c 4.2 meters

20 Who wrote the lyrics to “Blowin ‘in the Wind” (1963)?

Bruce Springsteen

b. Johnny Cash

c Bob Dylan

21 Which of the Gorgons is the only mortal?

a. Jellyfish

b) Andromeda

c) Stheno

22 What country do macarons come from?

a. France

b) Italy

c. Austria

23 Who first decreed that the new year begins on January 1?

a. King Arthur

b. Henry V.

c. Wilhelm the Conqueror

24 Who was Ella Fitzgerald?

a. actress

b. painter

c. singer

25 Who sang the song “American Woman?

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Bruce Springsteen

b) Lenny Kravitz

c) Placido Domingo

26 Who stars in the film “Eyes wide shut” (1999)?

a. Michael Keaton and Tom Hanks

b. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

c. Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep

27 What is celebrated in the Christian-Orthodox calendar on June 24?

a. Pentecost

b. The Day of the Cross

c. The birth of St. John the Baptist

Correct answers:

1. v. Salvador Dali

2. c. Lonely

3. b. 6

4. v. Louis XVI

5. b.The Beatles

6. c. 1931

7. b. Parsley

8. b. Zagreb

9. a. USA

10. b. Wicker basket

11. c.2

12. b. XVIII

13. c. Iaşi

14 a. 1692

15. c. Weight

16. b.Port Williams

17. c. Electrical resistance

18. a. Lotus

19. c 4.2 meters

20. c Bob Dylan

21. a. Jellyfish

22. a. France

23 c. Wilhelm the Conqueror

24 c. Singer

25 b Lenny Kravitz

26. b. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

27. c. The birth of St. John the Baptist

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