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General culture test: The cat on the hot roof


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Do you think you’re ace in terms of general culture? See how informed you are with the help of these 27 questions, classified by several areas of interest.

1 What prize did Tennessee Williams win for the play “Cat on a Hot Roof“?

a. Nobel

b. Pulitzer

v. Oscar

2 What does “loose” regionalism mean?

a. Blanket

b. Vest

c. Shirt

3 In which country are the Black Forest Mountains?

a. Italy

b. Germany

v. Poland

4 In what year did the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha become the House of Windsor?

in 1918

b. 1917

c. 1943

5 Who sings the song “Enter Sandman(1991)?

a queen

b. The Beatles

v. Metallica

6 In what year was the movie “Cat on the Hot Roof?

a. 1978

b. 1932

c. 1958

7 How many countries are there on the African continent?

a. 51

b. 57

c. 54

8 What is the capital of Bolivia?

a. Kampala

b. Sugar

v. Accra

9 Where is Emil Cioran buried?

a. Bucharest

b. Alexandria

v. Paris

10 What does archaism mean “confession?

a. bed

b. confession

c. forgiveness

11 What is the oldest university that is still operating today?

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a. Oxford

b. Sorbonne

v. Bologna

12 Who plays the female lead in the movie Cat on a Hot Roof ?

a. Charlize Theron

b. Marlene Dietrich

v. Elizabeth Taylor

13 Which football team has won the most Champions League trophies?

a. Liverpool

b. Real Madrid

v. Inter Milan

14 Who painted “Guernica?

a. Pablo Picasso

b. Eugene Delacroix

v. Michelangelo

15 What is the currency of South Africa?

a. Row

b. Lek

c. The lever

16 Jimmy Choo is…

a. Fashion designer

b. Painter

c. Actor

17 How many stanzas does Spain’s national anthem have?


b. ten

c. none

18 Which plant has the scientific name of “Solanum lycopersicum?

a. Cucumbers

b. Tomato

c. Garlic

19 Mafdet is an Egyptian deity represented in the form of a…

a. Women

b. Flowers

c. Cats

20 Who sings the song “Black diamond(1974)?

a. Metallica

b. Survivor


21 Where was the capital of the Aztec Empire?

a. Azcapotzalco

b. Tenochtitlan

v. Tetzcoco

22 From which country does shuberek come?

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a. Italy

b. Turkey

v. Greece

23 The Battle of Varna took place in…

a. 1444

b. 1445

c. 1454

24 Who is the designer who revived the Chanel fashion house?

a. Alexander McQueen

b. Karl Lagerfeld

v. Calvin Klein

25 Whose group is the album “Back in black(1980)?

a. Pink Floyd

b. The Beatles

c. AC/DC

26 Who directed the movie “Cat on the Hot Roof?

a. Martin Scorsese

b. Guy Ritchie

v. Richard Brooks

27 International Cat Day is celebrated on…

a. August 9

b. August 13

c. August 8

The correct answers:

1. b. Pulitzer

2. b. Vest

3. b. Germany

4. b. 1917

5. v. Metallica

6. c. 1958

7. c. 54

8. b. Sugars

9. v. Paris

10. b. confession

11. v. Bologna

12. v. Elizabeth Taylor

13. b. Real Madrid

14 a. Pablo Picasso

15. a. Row

16. a. Fashion designer

17. c. none

18. b. Tomato

19. c. Cats

20. v. KISS

21. b. Tenochtitlan

22. b. Turkey

23 a. 1444

24 b. Karl Lagerfeld

25 c. AC/DC

26. v. Richard Brooks

27. c. August 8

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