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General Culture Test: The Hunger Games


1 In what year was the first volume of the trilogy “Hunger Games?


b. 1998

c. 2008

2 What does “hello” mean?

a. Which greets

b. Coincidentally

c. Providential

3 How many African countries are open to the Mediterranean?


b. 3


4 Which actress plays Katniss Everdeen in “The Hunger Games?

Eva Green

b) Jennifer Lawrence

c Jennifer Love Hewitt

5 Which plant designates the scientific name “Rubus idaeus”?

a. Raspberries


c. Rosehip

6 What mythical being did Theseus kill?

a. The Minotaur

b) Medusa

C. Euryale

7 Which of the following Romanian rulers was the father of the Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus?

a. Vlad Ţepeş

b. Radu cel Frumos

c. Iancu de Hunedoara

8 What is the capital of Slovakia?


b. Bratislava

v. Bern

9 Which bird bears the scientific name of “Upupa epops?

a. Swallow

b. Puppet

c. Watchers

10 What role did Michael the Brave play before he became ruler?

a. Treasury spokesman

b) Ban al Craiovei

c. Vornic of the Netherlands

11 Who gave the official name of the White House to the residence of the President of the United States?

Thomas Jefferson

b Abraham Lincoln

c Theodore Roosevelt

12 How Many Movies “The Hunger Games” I exist?

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a. three

b. four

c. two

13 In what city was Ionel Teodoreanu born?

a. Bucharest

b. Brasov

c. Iasi

14 In what year did the trials of the witches of Salem begin?


b. 1697

c. 1702

15 What is the currency of Brazil?

a. Dollar

b) Euro

c. Real

16 Which is the southernmost city in the world?


b.Port Williams

C. Ushuaia

17 When the State Mint was established?


b. 1870

c. 1881

18 Where does the cinnamon tree come from?

a. Brazil and eastern Colombia

b) Papua New Guinea

c. Sri Lanka and southern India

19 Who was Morpheus?

a. The god of dreams

b. The god of death

c. The god of animals

20 Who directed the movie “The Hunger Games“?

Martin Scorsese

b) Gary Ross

c Francis Ford Coppola

21 Which of the Gorgons is the only mortal?

a. Jellyfish

b) Andromeda

C. Stheno

22 What country does the croissant come from?

a. France

b. Italy

c. Austria

23 Who first decreed that the new year should begin on the 1st of January?

a. King Arthur

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b. Henry V

c. Wilhelm the Conqueror

24 Who was Tamara de Lempicka?

a. actress

b. painter

c. singer

25 Who sings the song “It Ain’t Over” til It’s Over?

Bruce Springsteen

b) Lenny Kravitz

c) Placido Domingo

26 What is the only moving bone in the face?

a. Maxila

b) Jaw

c. Zygomatic bone

27 How many days after the Resurrection is the Ascension of the Lord celebrated?

a. 40

b. 50


Correct answers:

1. c. 2008

2. c. Providential

3. a. 5

4. b Jennifer Lawrence

5. a. Raspberries

6. a. The Minotaur

7. c. Iancu de Hunedoara

8. b. Bratislava

9. b. Puppet

10. b) Ban al Craiovei

11. v. Theodore Roosevelt

12. b. Four

13. c. Iaşi

14 a. 1692

15. c. Real

16. b Puerto Williams

17. b. 1870

18. c. Sri Lanka and southern India

19. a. The god of dreams

20. b Gary Ross

21. a Jellyfish

22. v. Austria

23 c. Wilhelm the Conqueror

24 b. Painter

25 a. Gheorghe Popescu

26. b. Mandible

27. a 40

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