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General Knowledge Quiz: Most Beloved of Earthlings

Marine teaches

“The most beloved of earthlings”

Do you think you’re ace in terms of general culture? See how informed you are with the help of these 27 questions, classified by several areas of interest.

1 In what year was the novel “The most beloved of earthlings” published“?

a. 1980

b. 1982

c. 1990

2 What does “afif” regionalism mean?

a. Circle

b. Lefter

c. Idiot

3 In which country are the oldest mountains in Europe?

a. Italy

b. France

v. Poland

4 Who was the first British monarch of the House of Windsor?

a. Queen Elizabeth I

b. King George V

c. King Edward VII

5 Who sings the song “Another one bites the dust(1980)?

a queen

b. The Beatles

c. Bruce Springsteen

6 In what year was the play “Take, Ianche and Cadîr” staged for the first time?

a. 1978

b. 1932

c. 1956

7 What bird is popularly nicknamed “the cage?

a. Cotofana

b. Hummingbirds

c. Rooster

8 What is the capital of Ghana?

a. Kampala

b. Nairobi

v. Accra

9 Where is Marin Preda buried?

a. Bucharest

b. Alexandria

v. Paris

10 What does archaism mean “confession?

a. bed

b. confession

c. forgiveness

11 What type of parliament does Romania have?

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a. unicameral

b. tricameral

c. bicameral

12 At which publication did Marin Preda make his debut?

a. “Time”

b. “The Truth”

c. “The Spark”

13 To which team did Gheorghe Hagi transfer for the first time abroad?

a. Galatasaray

b. Real Madrid

v. Inter Milan

14 Who painted the “Sistine Chapel?

a. Leonardo da Vinci

b. Eugene Delacroix

v. Michelangelo

15 What is the currency of South Africa?

a. Row

b. Lek

c. The lever

16 Who directed the screen adaptation of the novel “Moromeții“?

a. Sergiu Nicolaescu

b. Horatiu Mălăele

c. Stere Gulea

17 What is the name of the anthem of Great Britain?

a. “Keep calm and carry on”

b. “God save the Queen”

c. “I want to break free”

18 Which plant has the scientific name of “Solanum lycopersicum?

a. Cucumbers

b. Tomato

c. Garlic

19 The name of the main character in “The Most Beloved of Earthlings” It is…

a. Parizianu’

b. Ilie Moromete

v. Victor Petrini

20 Who sings the song “Black diamond(1974)?

a. Metallica

b. Survivor


21 Where was the capital of the Aztec Empire?

a. Azcapotzalco

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b. Tenochtitlan

v. Tetzcoco

22 From which country does ricotta come?

a. China

b. Italy

v. Greece

23 The first Daco-Roman war ended in the year…

a. 101

b. 103

c. 102

24 Emil Racoviţă was…

a. actor

b. painter

c. speleologist

25 Whose band is the album “The Division Bell(1994)?

a. Pink Floyd

b. The Beatles

c. AC/DC

26 Who plays the role of Ilie Moromete in “Morometi 2?

a. Victor Rebengiuc

b. Horatiu Mălăele

v. Şerban Pavlu

27 What does Romania celebrate on June 26 every year?

a. Anthem Day

b. Flag Day

c. Army Day

The correct answers:

1. a. 1980

2. b. Lefter

3. v. Poland

4. b. King George V

5. a. Queen

6. b. 1932

7. a. Cotofana

8. v. Accra

9. a. Bucharest

10. b. confession

11. c. bicameral

12. a. “Time”

13. b. Real Madrid

14 c. Michelangelo

15. a. Row

16. c. Stere Gulea

17. b. “God save the Queen”

18. b. Tomato

19. v. Victor Petrini

20. v. KISS

21. b. Tenochtitlan

22. b. Italy

23 c. 102

24 c. speleologist

25 a. Pink Floyd

26. b. Horatiu Mălăele

27. b. Flag Day

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