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Gone are the days when Romanians bought the latest phone: now it’s fashionable to get a second-hand smartphone


A new phenomenon is taking shape on the smartphone market in our country, which is worth debating, because it marks a radical change in behavior.

If before our Romanians rushed to the shops to get the latest types of mobile phones released from the shelves, now they prefer to purchase second-hand products.

A strong change in consumption behavior is felt, but also a different mentality among smartphone users from here in the country.

It seems that the financial problems weighing on everyone’s shoulders have their say. People have recently changed their values ​​and priorities, and the most important aspect is that, forced by circumstances, they have ended up having a healthier behavior, both for their own pocket and for the environment.

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Buying second-hand phones is a lifesaver. On the one hand, you enjoy a high-performance phone without spending too much money on it, and on the other hand, you help recycling, a particularly important aspect in the current context of the climate crisis that humanity is going through.

Romanians flock to second-hand phones

The new consumption behavior of Romanians is best highlighted by the evolution of the Romanian start-up Flip.ro, which buys, refurbishes and sells second-hand phones. The company is enjoying more and more success on the domestic market, with more and more customers, a sign that the second-hand smartphone market has great potential and is one of the future.

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The start-up reportedly boasts over 170,000 mobile phones traded to date. In fact, we also learn from him that Romanians prefer famous and top brands, the most sought-after models being those from Apple.

“We expect a similar acceleration in turnover in the second half, supported by our regional expansion plans and the strengthening of the leadership position in the market of refurbished electronics in Central and Eastern Europe”, add the founders of Flip.

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