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Good news for Bitcoin and for investors who bet their money on it: the decision has just been made and is radical


Global investors in the world’s most popular cryptocurrency have every reason to sell champagne and celebrate. We are witnessing a historic moment in the crypto market, with Bitcoin enjoying an ever-increasing official recognition.

Specifically, we are referring to the most recent decision taken by two other Central American countries. Both nations will apply the El Salvador model and officially regulate the popular Bitcoin cryptocurrency. There is a good chance that a region of Portugal, but also Russia, will soon embrace this plan.

Who bets on Bitcoin, newer

This is Honduras, a special economic zone on the tourist island of Roatán in the Caribbean and Mexico. According to the decisions that are in various stages of implementation, Bitcoin will become the official payment currency.

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The Honduran government has officially allowed the use of bitcoin by companies, individuals and the local government.

In Mexico, the initiative has not yet reached that level, but it is at a very promising stage, as the president invited Samson Mow, a former CSO of Blockstream, to discuss the possibility of implementing bitcoin as a means. legal payment.

At the same time, Madeira, an autonomous region of Portugal, will “adopt bitcoin” in this archipelago, according to Madeira Prime Minister Miguel Albuquerque. “I believe in the future and I believe in bitcoin,” Albuquerque told a conference. Albuquerque announced that bitcoin purchases and sales in Madeira are not subject to income taxes and stressed that it offers a 5% tax rate for businesses. However, the whole of Portugal is currently exempt from income tax on crypto acquisitions.

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But Bitcoin could also enjoy official regulation on Russia’s money market. Last month, in an attempt to avoid harsh financial sanctions, a top Russian MP said Russia could start accepting bitcoin for oil and gas.

Recall that El Salvador was the first country to announce the adoption of bitcoin bonds, but the country suspended the first issue due to international market conditions and other factors. It is unclear at this time when the first bond will be issued.

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