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Google brings Duo and Meet together in one video calling platform: what Google Meet will look like


Google is on track to streamline its communications services. The company has announced that it intends to merge Duo and Meet, the two disparate video calling applications, into a single platform.

So, starting in the next few weeks, Google will start adding Meet features to the Duo. Once that happens, you’ll be able to use the app, which has so far been designed primarily for personal video calling, to schedule appointments. Other features that will make their way to the Duo include support for virtual backgrounds, live-sharing content and text chat during the meeting.

At the same time, Google promises that features that Duo users know and love, such as the ability to apply filters and effects to your calls, won’t go anywhere. In addition, your call history, contacts and messages will not disappear from the application. It’s all part of Google’s commitment to “carefully” integrate the two platforms and ensure that it supports as many users as possible.

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Google Meet comes fresh

Once this process is complete, Google will rename the mobile versions of both applications, Duo becoming Meet and Current Meet becoming Original Meet. The company said that it has added a lot of sophistication to the Duo mobile app and it seems that Google does not want to give up this work.

As for Google’s reason for merging the two applications, the company believes that this will ultimately benefit users.

“Over the past few years, Duo and Meet have continued to grow as video and dating needs evolve, and now the experiences will be better together than Google Meet,” a company spokesman told The Verge.

Of course, the hard part for the company will be finding a way to integrate the two applications without making the resulting service overwhelming. Many people love the Duo for its simplicity, and a sudden influx of new features and added complexity can make them go elsewhere.

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