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Google celebrates the first female aviator in Romania: what the doodle with Elena Caragiani-Stoenescu looks like


Today, May 13, Google modifies its google.ro logo to celebrate a personality of our country. It is about Elena Caragiani-Stoenescu – reporter, war correspondent and the first woman aviator in Romania.

This doodle marks 135 years since the birth of Elena Caragiani-Stoenescu and is illustrated by the Romanian artist Dariana Ilie, from Cluj-Napoca. As a reference, Caragiani-Stoenescu was born on May 13, 1887, in Tecuci. At the age of 25, she flew for the first time, flown by her former equestrian instructor, and in the same year, she enrolled in the Aviation League, a pilot school in Romania.

At the time, she was the only woman to take flying lessons. However, the Ministry of Education and Civil Defense rejected his civilian pilot’s license, despite the fact that he had completed his courses.

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He continued his passion for flying and enrolled in the Civil Aviation School in France. Later, at the age of 27, she received her pilot’s license, the 12th international flight license granted to a woman in history.

Elena Caragiani-Stoenescu was the first female aviator in our country

Thus, Elena Caragiani-Stoenescu became the first woman in Romania to hold a flight license. Unfortunately, our country did not allow her to participate in aeronautical events, so she became a reporter for a French daily, flying long distances to the Caribbean and South America. Moreover, she was also a war correspondent for a press trust in Mexico.

Later, after Romania entered the First World War, Elena wanted to participate as a pilot, but was again refused. Instead, she worked as a nurse in the Romanian Red Cross during the war.

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Then, after the end of the war, he opened a medical clinic in Tecuci and continued to work as a journalist, specializing in aeronautical events. Today, a high school in Tecuci is named after Elena Caragiani-Stoenescu, and her activity is studied in aeronautics courses in Romania.

As a result, Elena Caragiani-Stoenescu’s personality, determination and legacy inspire many women to follow their dreams.

“The inspiration for creating the doodle comes from her story and personality,” said Dariana Ilie, the artist behind the doodle. “I would like people to be more determined and optimistic in pursuing even the smallest dreams of every day. The doodle I created is an example of what you can do when you pay attention to how you feel and follow your passion. ”

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