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Google continues to lay off layoffs: why the giant is firing its AI specialists


Google still seems to have a habit of firing its AI researchers amid their criticism. The giant also found out that the scientist fired Satrajit Chatterjee in March, shortly after he refused to publish a paper, while others wrote that some computers could design more efficient and powerful chips than they can. people.

It appears that the scientist was allowed to collaborate on a paper challenging these claims after he and other authors expressed reservations, but he was fired after a committee rejected the paper, since these researchers they hoped to raise the issue of CEO Sundar Pichai and the Alphabet board.

The company did not detail why it fired Chatterjee, but told the New York Times that he was “fired for good reason.” He also claimed that the original paper had been reviewed by colleagues and that the study, which disputed the allegations, “did not meet the standards”.

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Google repeats the layoff scheme and does it every time it doesn’t like what it hears

Whether science resists or not, the exit highlights the ongoing conflict between Google’s management and AI teams, which coordinate many of its projects. The problems started to get much more serious when Google fired Timnit Gebru in 2020, following a dispute over a work, with two other employees following the path.

The conflict escalated when the giant Google fired Margaret Mitchell in early 2021. While Google claimed that Mitchell violated data privacy policies, she publicly criticized the directors, claiming that the problems were many and deep in the company.

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These layoffs have led the company’s veteran engineers to leave the company, regardless of recent company-level protests. Google has investigated the dismissal of Gebru and promised changes, but the dismissal of Chatterjee could further inflame the spirits.

It’s no secret that Google is proud of its artificial intelligence research, so it’s easy to see why, as time goes on, the company becomes more and more inflexible.

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