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Google gets rid of the emotions of a job interview: how AI helps you


There are situations in which, no matter how well prepared you are for a job, you may miss a job interview, precisely because of your emotions or lack of training in human psychology. Google now helps you train so that when you meet a potential employer, you already know what to expect.

It has happened to each of us at some point to get a better-paying job or, depending on the situation, to offer other benefits, depending on our training or talent.

Obviously, maybe before the interview, you trained in the mirror, read generic guides, or even turned to friends, trying to guess together what the potential future employer might ask you at the interview.

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Google gives you a helping hand

Recently, Google comes to your aid and bets that algorithms can prepare you for a job interview. The company has launched a tool that can simulate an interview, and it uses AI technology to help you prepare for the real interview.

The site asks typical questions, such as the classic “tell me a few things about yourself,” maybe even “what do you see yourself doing in five years?” and analyze your voice or typed answers, and then give you a verdict, but also a solution.

So Google will let you know when you overuse certain words, for example, or if you need to spend more time talking about a specific topic.

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Interview Warmup is currently aimed at Google career certificate users who are hoping to get a job, and most of the specific questions reflect this. There are, however, general interview questions, as I mentioned earlier, and Google intends to expand the tool to help more candidates. The feature is currently only available in the US, but has a real chance of spreading if it is found to deliver the expected results.

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