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Google is changing the rules of the game for all Android users: why is the good news?


Google is far behind Apple when it comes to respecting the privacy of Android users and ensuring the security of their data. However, it is making significant progress in this regard.

Hoping to increase users ‘trust in the mobile apps they use and do a better job of sanctioning developers who request and monetize Android owners’ data, Google has set out to change the rules of the game.

To this end, it will provide users with significantly more information about the personal data that is collected and used by the applications they use. From now on, it will be up to them to read that information, a very unlikely detail in the case of many people who just press Install and OK, no matter what they do on the phone.

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Google is copying from Apple and justifies itself

Following the model of Apple, Google is going to integrate in the Play Store a section of information regarding privacy. Thus, in the official Android application store, the new section will be included in the description page of each application and will contain information about the data collected, including those information that are shared with third parties and, implicitly, are monetized.

As a plus, users will be able to see if that information is shared in an encrypted manner or not. Not the other way around, but in the second case, there is the possibility of intercepting them.

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Given the significant effort behind these additional options and the fact that collaboration with developers will be required, the implementation will not take place overnight, but it shouldn’t take more than a few weeks until you see the privacy features. At the other end of the line, developers have until July 20, 2022 to complete that information. Those who provide information that does not correspond to reality will be gradually penalized, initially by blocking updates and later by removing applications from the Play Store.

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