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Google is testing a new system: what’s new for Google Maps


Street View for Google Maps was launched 15 years ago this week.

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Google is taking advantage of the anniversary to release some updates, including a major update to Street View mapping hardware. However, what most people can enjoy is the ability to “go back in time” to Street View using Google Maps for Android or iOS. This feature has been available on the web for some time, but is being added for the first time in Maps. Accessing this historical data is quite simple: go to Street View and tap anywhere on the image to find out details about the location. After that, you’ll find a “see more data” option that attracts all other Street View captures to your location.

Obviously, this will only work for locations where Google has a lot of historical Street View data, so what you can find will vary greatly by location.

Street View was first launched in San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, Miami and Denver, so those places will have the oldest historical data for the curious.

An update required

For those interested in the hardware that Google uses to get Street View data, the company is announcing a major upgrade to its camera system. The new camera has all the resolution and processing capabilities that are in the Street View machine, but it is a 6 kg device, which is “about the size of a cat”. The company hopes that this will make it easier to obtain data from the sub-folder areas; An example of such a place offered by Google was the Amazon jungle.

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Such a relatively small camera system will be much easier to implement for Google in many areas – it can be shipped anywhere and mounted on any type of vehicle.

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Moreover, it will serve as a “basic” system to which they can be added if circumstances require other components. For example, Google notes that the new camera does not have the lidar scanners that are usually found on Street View machines that operate in cities, but can be added when needed. Google says the new camera system is being tested now and is expected to be fully launched in 2023.

Finally, Google is adding four new collections of Street View imagery from several notable locations. Pyramids of Meroë, Sudan, Duomo of Milan, Les Invalides of Paris and Sydney Ferries of Australia.

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