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Google thinks it’s the right time to bring Wallet back: how you can pay now


Google introduces a new service called Google Wallet. It’s a new change of strategy typical for the company, which will send Google Pay in the background, while Wallet returns to the foreground.

As a reference, in 2018, Google announced Google Wallet, which it combines with Android Pay. Thus, the Google Pay service was launched. Google Wallet will now be a new payment service and more, and Google Pay will only designate contactless payment technology, writes The Verge.

The giant was a little inspired by the Apple Wallet. Google Wallet is intended to be used both for payments and for the storage of digital identity cards, driving licenses and other types of travel and access cards and tickets that can be used by phone.

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Google Wallet, removed from mothballs

The Wallet can also be used to pay for in-store POS, where they support Google Pay. Users will only need to register their cards in Google Wallet. According to the company, Wallet will be available to Android and Wear OS users starting in the coming weeks, but the facilities offered by the service will differ, from region to region.

Older versions of Google Wallet had similar (if not more limited) aspirations, but the company says other companies are now better prepared to offer people digital and identification cards to complete the application. For example, some hotels have indicated that they are willing to provide digital room keys, and some U.S. governments are working to issue digital driver’s licenses.

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Apple has also been working to add these use cases to its own Wallet app, which Google’s offer looks very similar to. That doesn’t mean the tech giant is copying Apple here, but it could have something to do with it, because Apple has been promoting this kind of experience for years.

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