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Google’s next high-intelligence glasses are an important step toward the Star Trek universe: what you can do with them


More than a decade after Google Glass debuted at I / O 2012, Google announced that it is working on a new set of augmented reality glasses, which could be extraordinary if the “home bill” it will match the one at the fair “, this time.

The company provided some details about the new device at I / O 2022, also featuring a short clip in which you can see what exactly they know how to make these glasses from Google.

Therefore, the conference participants were able to witness an “early prototype” of the device which, as can be seen, is able to transcribe a conversation in real time, effectively providing subtitles to anyone who wears them.

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I think that these glasses would prove extremely useful to anyone who travels abroad and does not know the language of the country they are visiting. Inevitably, the glasses reminded me of the cute Star Trek device, the one worn on my chest, above my uniform, which ensures automatic translation into any language, even an alien one.

The new prototype of augmented reality glasses, from Google, presented at I / O 2022

Google demonstrated at I / O 2022 that the prototype is capable, for example, of translating a conversation from English to Spanish, allowing a non-English speaker to have a conversation with an English-speaking Google employee.

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Google did not say when it plans to launch the device it unveiled today.

The video, which the company played during the presentation, suggests that the final interface may look different from the one it showed at I / O 2022.

Google’s cautious approach to avoiding sharing more details before the device is ready is somewhat understandable. First of all, we are talking about a prototype. Secondly, given the giant’s previous failure in terms of this type of device, it’s easy to see that this time the company needs to be 100 percent sure of success before it can make too many waves.

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