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Hacker group Anonymous “arrives” at Kremlin: message sent after breaking Putin’s palace


Since the beginning of the war, the Anonymous hacker group has been working hard to get the Kremlin into trouble. Surprisingly, this time, they even managed to get to the presidential palace.

About a month ago, on March 9, Anonymous hackers accessed and centralized about 400 surveillance cameras in Russia, whose video streams you can still see on the Internet. They posted anti-Putin and support messages for Ukraine over those videos. Now, apparently, they have done the same with the closed circuit of rooms inside the Kremlin’s presidential palace.

Anonymous, the Kremlin

“@Thblckrbbtworld, which operates on behalf of #Anonymous, has gained access to the Kremlin’s CCTV system. We won’t stop until we reveal all your secrets. You won’t be able to stop us. We are now inside the castle, the Kremlin, “Anonymous TV wrote on its Twitter page to the Putinist regime.

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A continuation of the attacks of March 9, 2022, this effort is an extension of the cyber attacks against the regime led by Vladimir Putin. All this is done in the hope that they will discourage, to some extent, the invasion of Ukraine. According to the Anonymous group, Russia “must pay a huge price because of the shameful decision of dictator Putin to attack an independent Ukraine.”

In the context in which the Russians are torn from any Western source of information and are constantly exposed only to the Moscow propaganda apparatus, Anonymous hopes that through these attacks they will reach the ears of a large number of people led by Putin. “150 million Russians do not know the truth about the causes or the course of the war in Ukraine,” and are instead fed a steady stream of “Kremlin propaganda,” members of the Anonymous group said.

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In the end, the Russians’ views on the “special operation in Ukraine” are unlikely to change easily, but Anonymous aims to “provide real information to the Russian people.”

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