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How much does Mark Zuckerberg’s life cost: security spending has matched the exact price


Mark Zuckerberg is the head of Meta, the parent company behind Facebook, Instagram, Oculus. At the same time, he is one of the most protected people on the planet, with some fabulous costs associated with his security.

We all know that Facebook and Instagram are dangerous platforms for society as a whole, as well as for every individual, especially for teenagers and especially girls. In this context, it should come as no major surprise that Zuckerberg is one of the most “hunted” people in the world, hence the need for almost absurd costs to keep him safe.

Mark Zuckerberg, more protected than Jeff Bezos or Sundar Pichai

In 2021, Meta paid ten times as much for Mark Zuckerberg’s personal security as Amazon did for Jeff Bezos’ security. The sums are fabulous, and the analysis of the documents that certify this amazing reality was done by Bloomberg.

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As a reference, in order for Mark Zuckerberg to remain immune to the death threats he probably receives on a regular basis, the giant he leads has spent no less than $ 15.2 million in 2021. That amount was just for him personally, that’s all. The safety of the Zuckerberg family was also reflected in additional security expenses of $ 10 million, while $ 1.6 million was spent on transporting the Facebook boss using his personal plane. For the package to be complete, these amounts increase every year. Even in the pandemic, its security was 6% more expensive than in the previous year.

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By comparison, Google paid about $ 4.3 million for the security of CEO Sundar Pichai, while Amazon spent only $ 1.6 million on the security of founder Jeff Bezos. In 2nd place, in the top of security costs for the heads of technology companies, is the Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg, with almost 9 million dollars, twice more than the head of Google. In the context in which the negative reputation of Facebook and Instagram does not seem to go anywhere, only to increase from one year to another, the above figures will only go up as well.

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