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How much the EU will contribute to the reconstruction of Ukraine


The Commission set out today, 18 May, in a communication, plans for an immediate EU response to Ukraine’s funding needs and its longer-term reconstruction framework. This communication is the result of the European Council’s call to address the consequences of the war in Ukraine through a specific European-led effort, according to a statement sent to România Libera.

Immediate response and short-term needs

Since the beginning of the Russian aggression, the EU has significantly stepped up its support, mobilizing around € 4.1 billion in the form of emergency macro-financial assistance, budget support, emergency assistance, crisis response and humanitarian aid to support strengthening overall economic, social and financial resilience of Ukraine.

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Military assistance measures under the European Instrument for Peace, amounting to EUR 1.5 billion, have also been earmarked and will be used to reimburse Member States for military aid in kind to Ukraine and is being mobilized. an additional amount of EUR 500 million.

Reconstruction of Ukraine

The reconstruction effort should be led by the Ukrainian authorities in close cooperation with the European Union and other key partners, such as the G7 and G20 groups and other third countries, but also with international financial institutions and international organizations.

Partnerships between cities and regions in the European Union and those in Ukraine will enrich and accelerate reconstruction. An international coordination platform (the “Reconstruction Platform of Ukraine”), jointly managed by the Commission, representing the European Union, and by the Government of Ukraine, would function as a super-hierarchical body of strategic governance, responsible for approving a reconstruction plan developed and implemented. Ukraine, to which the EU will provide support in the form of administrative capacity and technical assistance.

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This platform would bring together partners and support organizations, including EU Member States, other bilateral and multilateral partners, and international financial institutions. The Parliament of Ukraine and the European Parliament would participate as observers.

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